In our industry, we occasionally hear about the “art” of Virtual Staging. While it may be a time and money saver, Virtual Staging lacks personal touch, is often inaccurate, and equates to plain laziness. Besides that, it is a little too reminiscent of the interactive early 2000 PC game, The Sims!

The facts:

  • An empty house cannot be Staged properly on a computer screen.
  • The technology will never be able to replace an actual live Stage.
  • Dimensions are not actualized, lighting is not taken into consideration, and a sense of false reality is given to the potential buyer.

Given all of these facts, essentially, a Virtual Stage is false advertising.

As Stagers, we hold a high moral code when Staging our client’s homes. Our goal is to enhance and complement the features of the house through placing art, furniture and accessories throughout the home that will speak to a buyer. The process must be done in person, because there are so many different factors that are vital to a successful Stage.

“One of these things is not like the other.”

Additionally, we must remember that connection is what sells. Placing digital furniture inside a house through technology might speak to a potential buyer when they are shopping online, but what happens when they get to the house in real life? They will see bare walls and empty space. At this point, they will immediately have a bad taste in their mouth. Or, what if the home is occupied and they see the owner’s furniture and boxes? Their interest will instinctively decline and they can’t help but become confused.

On the other hand, if what they see online is what they see in person, their interest will grow. Their mind automatically reels back to what they saw online – this is the reason they traveled out to the house to see it in person. The dots connect, and we have a very interested potential new buyer! And isn’t that our end goal?

The virtual world is just that – virtual. And it has no place in the real world of Home Staging.

Article Name
Why Virtual Staging Cannot Be Compared to Real Life Staging
In our industry, we occasionally hear about the “art” of Virtual Staging. While it may be a time and money saver, virtual staging cannot be compared to real life staging.