The quality of air we breathe is important to our health. But how do we know if the air in our home is clean? There are ways to ensure that the air you breathe is clean. Plants!

This poses another question: What type of plants? The Clean Air Council sites that potted plants can effectively remove years of toxic pollutants from the air.

There are specific plants that clean specific pollutants. 

  • Foam insulation (in older homes) – Chrysanthemum plant 
  • Carpeting – Philodendron plant 
  • Furniture – Spider plant 
  • Tobacco smoke – Peace lily plant  
  • Clothes – Golden Pothos plant 
  • Water repellents – Mother-in-law tongue plant

By simply turning on a fan, air conditioner, or opening a window to allow fresh air inside motivates these pollutants to move around the rooms so the plants absorb them when they come in contact.

Another benefit of potted plants: They add a nice pop of Life and Color!

It is time to go shopping!