Selling a property during the Holidays can be demanding for Home Sellers. The most common question Home Stager’s can expect to be asked during this time of year is, “Should home sellers decorate when their home is on the market during the Holidays?” The answer is YES.

As experts of our trade, we know Home Staging is essential to make certain a home will be buyer friendly. And Staging according the Season makes it fun! Here are some things to consider while advising our clients to add some festive cheer for the Holidays:

Keep it simple.

Collections are a definite no-no when selling your home. PERIOD. And when it comes to Staging during the Holidays it’s no different. Potential buyers can get distracted spending time looking at whimsical holiday objects rather than looking at the actual home. Suggest using the less-is more approach by keeping the nutcracker collection in storage! Recommend displaying a simple Christmas tree, decorative door wreath, and a festive table centerpiece. Also note, when they are selecting a tree to keep in mind to not overwhelm the floor space, and consider a leaner tree.

Highlight the architecture.

Does the property have fabulous fireplace or high ceilings? This is a great time highlight the best features. Recommend classic ornaments for the mantel to highlight the fireplace. And don’t forget the mistletoe! Dangling mistletoe in an arched doorway will draw the buyer’s eyes up and put them in a feel-good mood.

Curb Appeal.

Just say no to the inflatables! They look awful when they are deflated during the day when buyers are out looking at neighborhoods. Inflatable’s are simply a distraction. The goal is to draw the buyer’s attention to the home, not the yard décor. Suggest using simple strings of lights to highlight the home, which will call attention to the home’s structural design.

All do not celebrate the Holidays.

As Home Stager’s, we know that religious items and décor could potentially make buyers feel uncomfortable. Express to your client’s that buyers may not know what they signify; which starts creating questions in their minds and lead them out the door. Remind clients to avoid using overtly religious embellishments when staging their home to sell.

Protect their family.

Advise putting away holiday presents during showings. It could prove to be a temptation for potential buyers with small children. The same goes for Christmas stockings with the family’s names; hang them for children at home but store them just before showings.

Offer some tasty bribes.

What a great opportunity to leave out some fresh-baked cookies, hot chocolate or apple cider! Not only will it make the home smell wonderful, but also, it’s a great way to get buyers to stick around and get a feel for the home. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers!

Above all, as experts of our trade, we must remind clients that minimizing Holiday Décor is essential to making potential buyers feel welcome. And when they do make the necessary adjustments to Stage their property, it will be viewed as THE home any buyer will want to purchase.

Happy Holiday Staging!

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Staging for the Holidays
As experts of our trade, we know Home Staging is essential to make certain a home will be buyer friendly. Learn more about how to stage your home for the holidays.