Who is your buyer?

Did you know that the young Millennial home buyer is rapidly changing the real estate landscape? According to the 2018 NAR Report on Home Buyers and Sellers – Generational Trends, the Millennial generation now accounts for more than 36 percent of new home purchases, with Gen-X accounting for an additional 26 percent.

Each generation holds a different expectation in both designs and features inside a home. The majority of Millennial buyers are young professionals seeking homes that are turnkey and need little to no work.

While baby boomers took great pride in their curated collections and opulently designed homes, the younger buyer is more minimalistic. The Millennial buyer is less focused on their grandmother’s prized hutch, and more excited by clean lines and stainless steel appliances.

In this vastly changing climate, many baby boomers are putting their homes on the market only to discover younger buyers appreciate a different look and feel of a home. How can these dearly loved and heavily decorated homes be quickly and cost effectively transformed into a Millennial’s dream home? Here at Model My Home, we have four options to assist with these properties:

–       Home Selling Consultations

–        Occupied Staging

–        2-Hour Touch-ups

–        4-Hour Face Lift

Let the Model My Home professionals assess your current listing and make key enhancements to set your home up in the best showing position. These adjustments ensure your home is properly displayed for professional pictures to market the home online and attract any generation of buyers.

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