Oh to be creative, it’s a gift.

Creativity is needed in jobs like Staging and DesignArchitectureWriting and useful in all professions and throughout our educational years. When a person or a group is able to think creatively the outcome is evident, it’s quite simply, better.

However, using or finding creativity is not always that effortless because unfortunately it’s not a light switch most people can just turn on when needed. It’s easy to feel blocked.  We can get distracted, unmotivated, and lack the precise inspiration to capture that lightening in a bottle.

But what if you need to be creative for a specific project or in a moment and you feel uninspired? I personally operate at my best late at night while rewarded with sugary treats. For example it is currently 11:15pm and I’m drinking a large Arnold Parmer while typing in the dark.  Yet my night owl, sugar addict ways are not helpful in a meeting or during an assignment. No worries, I have other tricks up my savvy sleeve.

Habit #1: Change of Scenery

I love nature. I noticed that whenever I was stressed or overwhelmed I always felt better in places like the Adirondack Mountains or out on a beautiful lake. It is peaceful and freeing to be outdoors, everything seems lighter. We can create that same freedom for ourselves every day. 

If you’re stuck and unable to focus you can take a walk outside or if time doesn’t allow it, then just move around. When you sit still and look at the same backdrop you will embody that stale emotion and it will be apparent in your work. Get up, move your hips, grab water or take a minute to look at something new.

Any sort of scenery change will train your mind to gain new momentum.  If you are in a location different from an office, like Staging a home, do whatever is feasible to acquire a new perspective. You can grab a coffee, sit in the sun, or take a two-minute dance break. When we decide to put effort into apprehending inspiration it will flow into our masterpiece.

Habit # 2: Surround Yourself with Beauty

When you are around pretty things, you will create pretty things. This past Christmas I decorated my entire house based off of one gold, glittery feather tree ornament. I wandered around the store not knowing which decorations would look best and then I saw that feather and it all fell into place. I worked everything else around that one feather because I loved it and it was that easy.

If you want to be more inventive, create a space filled with things that encourage you and make you happy when you look at them. It could be a gold stapler, a childhood picture, a motivational quote, a daily mantra or a fake Academy Award; it will be different for each person.  Always seek beauty and lean towards joy.

Habit #3: Cold Showers

I know exactly what you were thinking when you read number 3 because it’s what I used to think as well. “I can’t take cold showers, not going to happen!” I used to be very serious about my love for hot showers and if you told me to start taking cold showers I would have called you insane.

Then I read all the benefits of taking cold showers and decided it would be worth a try. The article explained that it was good for my immune system, improves circulation, keeps skin and hair healthier, and lastly increases energy and well-being.  I began my 30 day cold shower challenge on Leap Day of 2016 since it is already an odd day and this was an odd mission.  The first few days were rough. I screamed and cringed like a baby.

Though, now I greatly appreciate my morning routine. I feel more focused and alert and that leads to more creativity. The habit of taking a cold shower in the morning is such a simple action yet the benefits can impact your whole day. Plus your skin will look flawless so automatically you are winning!

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Habits for When Creativity Is Running Low
When a person or a group is able to think creatively the outcome is evident, it’s quite simply, better. Here are some habits to practice for when creativity is running low.