Are you a TOP producing Realtor or are you on your way to becoming one? If you’re reading this, then you know Home Staging is one of the best Returns On Investments (ROI) in the business. It is imperative to hire the right Professional Home Stager for your listing to make sure potential buyers swoon over your online listings. Here are some tips when working with a Professional Home Stager to gain the best ROI.

Once you know the scope and potential budget available for your staging, let’s touch on how to find and hire the right Professional Home Stager.

Does the Professional Home Stager have Experience Staging Homes Similar to Your Listing

  • Like hiring a Realtor, it’s very important to hire someone who has experience working with listings like the one you’re selling.

Check out Their Website & Instagram & Ask for More Before/After Photos

  • Do the photos look professional and inviting? Does the furniture and layouts match the style and floor plan of the home?

Ask KEY Questions:

  • Do you offer consultations or pricing quotes?
  • What’s included in your pricing?
  • How long does staging take?
  • Which rooms will be staged?
  • Will you stage a home with pets?
  • What prep work will be required to my stage?
  • What are your terms?
  • How long will the furniture be in my home?
  • Are you insured?


A Professional Home Stager helps you determine the areas of your home that are assets and which need to be minimized.  The Staging Process will transform your property and inspire home buyers to purchase it for their family.