Which listings grab your attention?

What sets yours apart from your colleagues?

Utilizing eye catching Listing Descriptions and Incredible Photos sets your Listings apart from your colleagues.

Yes, typical Listings share the basics: address, list price, number of rooms, etc. What should you do to make yours stand out? Let’s create an incredible Listing every Mom will approve of this month.


Keep in mind your buyers are perusing any number of listings online to gain knowledge of what the market has to offer. They typically only read the first few sentences and view the photos. Aaron Kardell, the founder and CEO of HomeSpotter, makes several proven attention grabbing Listing recommendations. He states you have to ask a few questions about what is special about this property and what are your goals. Consider creating a Lifestyle specific title description to lead your listing like: “A Rare Minimalist Gem in a Quiet Location.” Then describe how the features and benefits of the home support this style. He encourages Realtors to show they understand what their buyers are looking for in their next home by answering a few questions.

  • Are your buyers interested in specific neighborhoods? Ex:  “Why are Richardson Schools rated the Best in Texas?”
  • What Lifestyle are they aiming for in your area? Ex: “Charming Farmhouse Cottage”
  • Are your buyers trying to control costs so mortgage and interest rates are important? Ex: “ It’s time to buy your next home. Interest rates have dropped 1.5%”
  • Do your sellers need to close quickly due to a transfer or some other reason? Ex: “Transferring to China! Guaranteed Quick Closing!”


The answers to these questions will define your listing as much as how you present this information. Your goal is to “woo” your buyers into a showing that leads to a sale. Aaron describes the “Charismatic Companion” approach, as a great approach that “adopts a more conversational tone that makes you sound relatable. Your listing is an opportunity to show the person behind it and sell people on your personality and how easy it is to work with you.” Think about who you prefer to work side by side with and then do your best to present yourself this way to your buyers and sellers.


In addition to eye catching Listing descriptions, your photos are crucial. Only trust a Professional Photographer who specializes in Real Estate Photography. Lighting and angles need to be considered for the most optimal representation of your property. A fun option to consider is a Virtual Platform with a 3D interactive tour. This allows every potential buyer to “walk” through your listing from the comfort of their own home.


This is going to be one of the biggest purchases your clients will make in their lives and it is imperative that you do your very best marketing to capture their attention. Do this well and they will see why you are their best advocate to help them choose their next home. And you will make Momma proud!

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