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Vacant Staging


Residing in a home during the selling process can be stressful and frustrating. Let the Model My Home professionals assess current items and arrangement to make key enhancements and set your home up in the best showing position. These adjustments ensure your home is properly displayed for professional pictures to market the home online and attract buyers.



Our Professional Staging Consultant walks the property in person or via provided photos/video, compares the home to current market standards, and provides a detailed report of recommendations to place the home in the best selling position.


Our Professional Staging Experts review the home, depersonalize, declutter, and Stage the key areas utilizing the homeowner’s furniture, art, and accessories to define the spaces and place the Occupied property in the best selling position.


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More Benefits of Home Staging


This service is ideal for owners who are residing in their home during the selling process. We provide room-by-room or entire home makeovers, depending on the needs of the homeowner. The items currently in the home are arranged in the best possible manner for presentation. Along with furniture and room by room ideal layout, we address: color scheme, organization, lighting, landscaping, and much more. Our team can also display company owned items in the home during the selling process.


Most homeowners have problems disconnecting with the items in the home to make necessary changes and create a model home look and feel for buyers.  Our team of experts consult and Stage an average of 7 to 10 homes per week and confidently transform spaces buyers desire to gain top dollar in the quickest amount of time.


Model My Home is blessed to have a full staff to not only Stage your properties, but market the homes after the service to help attract buyers and buyers’ agents to the property.  Our social media marketing reaches to tens of thousands of people connected to the real estate community weekly. We also assist in Broker’s Opens and Open Houses with our key packages.

Staging with a Professional company like Model My Home is also a tax write-off, because it is seen as a Marketing expensable line item.  Very few local companies carry insurance as well, so you can Stage in confidence with Model My Home.

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