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Seasoned Home Builders understand the benefits of displaying model homes in their communities.  They have also found that Staging inventory homes helps buyers visualize living there and significantly reduces DOM. Model My Home partners with many new home builders to set up their models and Stage their inventory homes to sell quickly and for top dollar. On average, inventory homes Staged by Model My Home receive a contract less than 15 days of Staging. Model My Home also offers a Long Term Lease options to Builders.


✓ Property Assessment

✓ Inventory Selection & Procurement

✓ Wrap & Ready

✓ Room Configuration

✓ Install & Setup by MMH Professional Staging Experts

✓ Delivery & Removal of All Inventory before Closing

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Model Homes

Room By RoomAssessment & Action Plan

Inventory Homes

Use of Owner’s Items & Purchase of New As Needed

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Model Refreshes

Update & Remodel of Needed Areas

Ready, Set, Sell!

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More Benefits of Home Staging

✓ Large Market Reach

✓ Protect Your Investments

✓ Trained and Trusted Partners




Market Research shows that vacant homes tend to stay on the market for longer periods of time and sell for less. Displaying ideal furniture items and accessories throughout allows buyers to connect and visualize themselves living in the home. The home may be new, but it’s no surprise buyers struggle with seeing themselves living in empty spaces. When a buyer struggles with connecting, they struggle even more with paying the list price.

Staging addresses the buyer connection issues, so even the toughest buyer can see how the rooms work together and how they can use the space. Staging Inventory Homes is strategic marketing to accelerate the sales of properties. Our services range from partially Staging the home to a complete model home showcase.

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Model My Home offers a secondary service called Inventory Resets. A reset is an extension of Staging allowing Builders to save money by moving a Staged Home at closing to another home.

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Model My Home is blessed to have a full staff to not only Stage your properties, but market the homes after the service to help attract buyers and buyers’ agents to the property.  Our social media marketing reaches to tens of thousands of people connected to the real estate community weekly.

Model My Home offers Builder Marketing Events inside model homes and spec homes to gain more interest of Real Estate Agents as well as their buyers. This includes Lunch & Learns, CE classes, Brokers Opens, and Open House Tours.


Model My Home displays it’s own inventory in homes and does not rent from other retailers, which keeps associated costs down.  Company vehicles, a large warehouse, a training facility, and a full office staff are centrally located in the DFW area to serve all surrounding cities.


There is an art and science to preparing a home for placement on the market by trained professionals. Home Staging leverages market insight and design aspects to present a property that appeals to the majority of buyers. A minimal investment increases the chances of a quicker sale at the highest expected market value for the area. Professional Home Staging is the number one strategy to market a home for sale to give the competitive advantage needed to perform above average in the marketplace.

Staging with a Professional company like Model My Home is also a tax write-off, because it is seen as a Marketing expensable line item.  Very few local companies carry insurance as well, so you can Stage in confidence with Model My Home.